PPM software

Overview provides you with the opportunity to act, and in a complex and frequent changing world, implementation of of a good Project- and Portfolio- Management system (PPM-system) may very well contribute to your company’s success.

The choice of PPM-system depends partly on the parametres you need to manage – activities, resources, risks ect., partly on how mature your organisation is as regards Project- and Portfolio- Management.
It is important, though, to choose a system with sufficient functionality to cover your company’s needs, both now and in the years to come.

In iPPM we possesses many years of good experience with Oracle’s Primavera P6, which is one of the most common standard PPM-systems in the world, and for which we have sold more than 4,000 licenses.
iPPM is certified reseller of Primavera P6 and Primavera Cloud, Oracle’s new, cloud-based PPM-system.
Thus, we possess the knowledge needed to assist Primavera users in obtaining the greatest possible value from the system.

For many years we have been working with “classic” project management, as described in many text books and in the PMI/ISO standards – and of course, these theories are still correct and relevant.
However, new philosophies evolves – many companies focus on managing resources rather than activities, and probably, most of you have heard about “Lean” and “Agile”.
Consequently, many new PPM-systems are being developed, covering a large variety of needs.
To gain general knowledge about the PPM-software available is quite challenging, but also interesting – and for sure, ”one size doesn’t fit all”.
You can read more about our efforts in obtaining knowledge about PPM software here: PPM software and if you want iPPM to assist you in finding a solution, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a non-committal talk.